3 Excellent Videos to Help Explain

I’ve attached 3 videos that I think give you a pretty good idea of how OCD works. I highly recommend you watch them.

I am functional in the wider world, compared to some whose lives get put on hold. But there is solid truth in these, even if they don’t describe me exactly. There is a compulsive foot-touching balance shown in the first video and that is spot on, as are touching objects an even number of times, as well as a couple of smaller items. There are some rather important internalized emotional components I totally relate to in the second video as well, which is why I’ve included it.
So we have:
1 – Everyday Experiences
2 – Relationships

3 – The Science

1. Everyday Experiences (Click Image)


2. Relationships  (Click Image)

Neil hillbordn

3. The Science  (Click Image)


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